drinks at Jeremiah's

Excellent Beer Selection for Rochester, NY Sports Fans

Looking for a nice place to watch the big game? Sure, there are plenty of sports bars...but how many of them offer great food, friendly service, and a wide selection of local beers on tap? Here at Jeremiah's Tavern®, we go the extra mile to give our customers a memorable experience. Whether you just stopped in to try one of our exquisite draft beers or you have a hankering for our award-winning chicken wings, we'll make you feel at home.

Our Beverages

If you like beer, odds are you enjoy trying new brews whenever possible. Sadly, most sports bars keep the same familiar names on tap. We're different. Our tavern has always supported local breweries. We do this because we believe they produce superior products – and so do our customers! That's why we keep dozens of micro-brews and craft beers on tap at all times. Not only are these beers from local New York breweries, but some of them are unique to our bar. In other words, Jeremiah's Tavern® might be the only place in town you can try them! We also offer seasonal selections that are sure to tempt your taste buds.

Our Atmosphere

As you might imagine, we attract all kinds of crowds. Some folks come for our draft beers, others for our chicken wings. As a top sports bar in the area, we also host special events from time to time. And because we have a friendly, casual atmosphere, our tavern is also a family-friendly establishment. With tables and seating away from the bar area, families can enjoy their meal at their leisure.

Stop By Anytime!

Working up a thirst for a delicious adult beverage? Come see what we have on tap today.