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for any occasion.

Whether you're having lunch with the family,
hosting an event, watching a sports game,
or celebrating a birthday
...come sit at our table.

What you think matters.

Jeremiah's Tavern never disappoints! Every location delivers excellent food every time! The chicken wings are always the best and the wings platter has become my go-to at Jeremiah's. The BeeSting flavor is one of the best sauces ever invented! Washed down with one of the plenty of choices of beer on tap! Best wings in Rochester!

Chad S.

My parents introduced me to this bar because of the welcoming environment. I have developed the best relationships with all the bartenders, they are always there for anything you need. Tiffany specifically is the most endearing and genuine bartender I have ever met at a bar. Makes me feel at home. The food is incredible. Love this place!

Sammi D.

This is my second visit and honestly I have been waiting for this for some time. The staff are very friendly and attentive. The beer selection here is excellent. Today I sampled the clam chowder. It was a hearty blend of ingredients packed with clams and potatoes. The wings are incredible and I like mine hot. They are a good size and nice and crisp. The sauce is perfectly blended and spicy. Just so darn tasty.

Michael M.

I came here for a delicious later date lunch and have enjoyed it all! The french onion soup is absolutely unbeatable as are there wings. I had both and still can't think of which was better.

If you visit or order take out, I recommend the 1104 plate- hands down one of the very best garbage plates in the area.

Olivia P.

Jeremiah's Tavern Frog