Fundraising at Jeremiah’s Tavern

Need to raise money for your school, team, sport, church or any other organization you are involved in? Jeremiah’s Tavern can help you raise the most money for your event.

What We Take Care Of

Variety of menu options so you can get the best out of the event you are having. The Jeremiah’s s taff making your menu items to perfection. We arrive 2 hours before serve time to set up and make everything ready and organized. The serve time is 3 hours, or until the food runs out, or unless stated otherwise in the contract.


We provide these cards that you can personalize with your specific event information. You can print them at any printing shop. You can give these around your neighborhood, to friends, family, schools, churches and local businesses. Jeremiah’s Tavern is a well-known brand name, which will help sell your tickets. The day of the event we will set up a few roadside signs near the event to also attract passersby’s.

Option 1


- 1/4 Grilled Chicken

- Our Famous Jalapeno Cornbread

- Choice of 2 Sides

Option 2

Boneless Wing

- 8 Boneless Wings (tossed in your choice of sauce)

- Our Famous Jalapeno Cornbread

- Choice of 2 Sides

Option 3

Pulled Pork

- Slow cooked Pulled Pork (Topped with Coleslaw and a Grilled Hard Roll)

- Our Famous Jalapeno Cornbread

- Tavern BBQ Sauce

- Choice of 2 Sides

Option 4

1104 Plate

- Two Burger Patties over Fresh Macoroni Salad and French Fries

- side BBQ Baked Beans

- Cheese and Condiments are Available

Side Choices

Macaroni | Salad | Coleslaw | BBQ Baked Beans

Bottles of Water can be availableat an additionalcost of $1.00 per Bottle.

You can upcharge anywhere from $0.50-$2.00

The Details

All the options include: paper plates, napkins, plastic ware and wet naps. You choose the option and the amount you want to sell if for, we recommend anywhere from $2-$4 upcharge. You will keep the amount you upcharge, per dinners sold.

Minimum of 200 dinners needs to be presold. If you believe the amount of presold dinners will under 200 (75-199) we can set up a different package for you.

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